• Thursday 23 November 2017
    5 - 9
    Microsoft CH MSNCH
    Group A 19:30
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  • 23 November 2017
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  • 11/23/2017
  • FCA vs MSNCH

Microsoft gets ready for the battle against Samsung

FCA has its last change to catch a pass for the semifinals: opens the game with two goals by Igosti and Careddu but gets overwhelmed by Microsoft with three goals in the first half, scored by Durantea, D'Angelo and Putzolu. At half-time 3-2 for Microsoft.

In the second part of the game Microsoft keeps the same pace: Redmond's team finds few goals in a row thanks to Durantea, Putzolu and Eberle, but FCA remains alive up to 4-6 with a hattrick by captain Careddu. Last minutes are for Microsoft with three more goals. Next thursday an epic battle between Microsoft and Samsung will decide the semifinalist of this group, captain D'Angelo and the team looks ready for it.



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